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My Experience with MD Laser & Cosmetics has been wonderful. Dr. Lin is so knowledgeable, caring and very friendly. Her efficient and welcoming staff makes you feel important and cared for. The state of the art products and services they offer keep you coming back. I’m really happy to be a patient/client.

The MD Acne System treatment has given me the results I’ve been searching for in the past few years. It has cleared my skin within 4 weeks. In the past, I’ve taken antibiotics and other oral medications and topical treatments. I still continued to break out. I am so thankful that I was introduced to MD Acne System and I would recommend it to anyone who continues to have break outs.
- CL

HCG is a miracle. I have tried so many diets that just created more frustration and failed to provide the results that I was able to with HCG. Having the superior guidance and suggestions from Dr. Susan Lin has made all the difference in the world. Her dedication to her patients goes beyond words. HCG has given me the opportunity to get back to my healthy weight and well being.
- LQ


A friend recommended Dr. Lin and she is one of the best doctors I have ever found!

She is so honest and has such a positive joyful energy. I had Botox, the results were so natural and I didn't bruise at all (as I have with other doctors). She has a great eye for beauty, I have seen her work on lips and the results are truly gorgeous & so natural. I've seen my girlfriends skin glow and look so wrinkle free at age 50 because of the series of laser treatments she's had with at this clinic.
- A.R.


I’m so happy with the results from having just
one injection of Radiesse. A couple of my friends noticed the difference and I don’t look so tired anymore. Coming here is a wonderful experience and I will definitely spread the good word!
- Pacifica

Dr. Lin is so kind and wonderful, and very understanding of your needs and how you would like to look when you leave here. It has really been a wonderful experience and I would recommend anyone to come and see Dr. Lin.
- B.H.


The people at MD Laser and Cosmetics are really nice:
And, they made my face look great. I’ve told a lot of friends
about this. I’m never going to stop coming here. They are the best!
- J. Lucchesi

I have had three treatments of mesotherapy treatments and find it working! My belly is getting small; thus, my self esteem is improving.
- Anonymous

MD Laser and Cosmetics is working to make my skin look its best. My skin is not perfect but I feel I can get there. The most important thing is that I feel a lot better because my skin is improved.
- M. San Juan

Thank you Dr. Lin for all the education regarding skin care you always provide. The Restylane treatment provided a more youthful lip line and fullness that I love. Lipstick has never looked so good on my lips and I love the fullness in them. My skin is just glowing with the other treatments I received and my colleagues are frequently commenting on how refreshed my skin looks. I love it. Thank you again for your sincere care for me as a person as well as a patient. Your staff is so wonderful!
- Joann V

A long time ago I made up my mind that when I reach 70 I would find a skin doctor who could make my face look younger again in a natural way. Now that I have found you I know you are the right doctor for me. The treatments you gave me in my last few visits have shown fantastic results. Lately when I look in the mirror in the morning after I rise, I have that wonderful feeling that life is really worth living and I also feel the increase of my self esteem. I can honestly say that I found the right doctor for life.
- Sally

I loved my laser hair removal treatment. It was so easy and worth it cause I feel so much more confident now.
- Vickie A.

cosmetics Dr. Susan Lin, I have only words of praise for what you have done to my skin, my face, and everything else of mine that was in dire need of a lift-including my self-esteem and confidence. Time seems to have not only come to a halt but has actually, seemingly regressed. My husband claims its due to divine marital bliss, but between us “girls” we know it’s thanks to your wonderful treatments and creams. Thank you. dr susan lin
- P.W. Hillsborough

When I first came to MD Laser and Cosmetics, I had more then 200 pimples on my forehead alone, and very little hope. All the other treatments at all the other facilities I tried did not give me the results I wanted. After coming here, I started having regular facials silk peels, and faithfully used the products recommended to me by the friendly and knowledgeable staff. It’s been three months since my first treatment and I am staggered by the results. “Happy” is an understatement…..I am Addicted!
- Agnes F.
My experience with MD Laser & Cosmetics has been an extremely positive one. Not only did they provide excellent services and products for my acne, their staff was consistently compassionate and helpful! My appearance has greatly improved thanks to Silk Peels, Light Therapy, and Vivant products. Thanks!
-Meridith Herman
I used to dread looking in the mirror because of all the age spots and wrinkles. Now it is a different story. As I cleanse my skin daily, I am seeing my age spots fade away. My dream of looking younger is no longer a dream, but becoming a reality.
- P.C. Miller
I came to MD Laser & Cosmetics in June of 2006 after trying many commercial products to clear up my acne. I simply wanted controlled, clean, clear skin. I was willing to give it a try with Dr. Lin, who spent time and explained what I need to know. With my new products and light treatments, my skin began to show signs of clearing.
- Spencer

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